In our beautiful studio, learn from our workshops, restore your body and soul with our classes, and feel better about yourself.

De La Luna

Tula Pink recently released a new line of fabric called De La Luna, which you may have correctly guessed I love! I’ve been slowing working on catching myself up sewing, all of my custom orders are DONE and I’m working on some projects for myself! First up is the Romy Wallet, from Geny C Artes. Continue reading “De La Luna”


Lavvagio is wash in Italian and it’s what I’m calling my hand made laundry soap. It’s 100% detergent, surfactant, and sulfate free. 💦Each batch of soap is starts out with a 100% pure organic coconut cold process bar, which I make and then let cure for a week before I grate the crap out ofContinue reading “Lavvagio”

Why Prewash?

I see this question come up about once a week in the various Facebook groups I follow. Do you prewash your fabric? 💦💦 I cringe when I hear people say they don’t and get defiant about it and then silently make a note never to order from them… Why is it important to wash yourContinue reading “Why Prewash?”

Our Teachers

Our instructors are all different, with diverse lives, styles and backgrounds but what is consistent is that all of them are kind, committed and inspirational.