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Lavvagio is wash in Italian and it’s what I’m calling my hand made laundry soap. It’s 100% detergent, surfactant, and sulfate free.


💦Each batch of soap is starts out with a 100% pure organic coconut cold process bar, which I make and then let cure for a week before I grate the crap out of it. I use the highest grape coconut oil for the purest soap. Coconut oil is the ‘cleaning’ oil in cold process soaps, the more coconut oil, the higher the cleansing profile.

💦I then hand blend the soap with a special combination of sodium tetraboarte (a naturally occurring mineral made up of sodium, boron, oxygen, and water) and sodium carbonate, aka soda ash (a common salt and limestone commongly found as natural deposit).

💦There are no extra chemicals, no petroleum, no phenols. Just pure laundry soap that’s especially safe for babies and sensitive skin and great on stains.


💦You can read about why it’s important to prewash your fabrics when sewing here:

💦 I love this combination, I fussed with it a bit to make sure it doesn’t ‘haze’ my black fabrics! It also doesn’t contain any extra oils or conditioners to coat your fabrics.

💦You can use it fragrance free, or pick one of over 20 scents to leave a soft whisper of skin safe fragrance after you wash.

💦You will get a full pound of soap, 16 ounces. You only need about 2 tablespoons per load.

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