May the 4th – RELEASE

It’s official! Both shops will launch on Friday, May 4th. SewGratitude Design Studios will have a small collection of Star Wars themed wallets and accessories as well as my amazing fabric soap (detergent and phosphate free) in a dozen scents. GGApothecary with launch with a small collection of staples while the majority of the soapsContinue reading “May the 4th – RELEASE”

2018 – A New Year

Looking back at 2017 I am amazed at how far I’ve come.  I had to close down my apothecary business it had grown into an incredibly successful venture… one that my current postal/insurance/housing situation couldn’t sustain.  Simply put?  I wasn’t prepared for how big it got so fast. I as left with a real void. Continue reading “2018 – A New Year”