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It’s a Wonder!

I really love the Jasmine Sling Bag from Bagstock.  I’ve never actually made it as designed, but the basics of the bag are really wonderful for interpreting your own style.  And of course, I also have the template set from Tops & Bobbins that makes everything easier.

I recently whipped up my first NON-NBC bag this month!  My Little requested a new bag and she explained to me a little what she wanted.  She’s 11, so she was prettttty specific and I knew the Jasmine would be perfect to work with.


The first thing I did was draft a nice scooped slip pocket for the front, so she could easily get stuff in and out when she needs it, like her lipbalm.



I, of course, added a zip pocket to the back, for her ID.


And I completely altered the straps so that they were more secure then using clips, which she is notorious for snapping.   I did use one hoop so that they were still adjustable.  I set a rivet through the entire bag, into the lining, to secure the staps.

There are also several slip pockets inside, one for her Kindle, and a couple for her sketch pencils.

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