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How Tuesday: The Slimline Revisited

When you find a great pattern, you tend to make it over and over.  This wallet is just a great pattern.

Today I’m going to show you how to alter it to add a frame clasp.  It’s ridiculously easy and looks so sleek and elegant.

How do you do it?  Simple.

Construct the inside of the wallet per the instructions.  Center the inside and the outside pieces together, right sides together, and sew down the long sides and flip right side out.


Top stitch the long edges neatly and then run some stitches back and forth across the short edges to keep them together and to compact them.

Center the bag inside the frame, cutting out a nitch for the slot end.  For my wallet, I placed it with the slots on the ‘top’, but it’s up to you which side you prefer to be on top when you open the clasp.


I added a bit of E3000 glue along the inside the frame before slipping the finished wallet inside and then simply screwed the little screws into the frame carefully.




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