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Swoon Pearl – The Pumpkin King series



I have no idea why I’ve held out on making this wallet.  I ordered the template from Tops & Bobbins a long time ago, but I guess maybe the sheer number of pieces it had scared me off?  Once upon a time I watched a YouTube video that made it look incredibly confusing, too.

In the end, however, it’s actually a really fun and easy sew that turns out really nice.


This is so unique and quirky, its basically a little pouch with a pocket and then a flap that fits inside.  Ingenius, and really easy to construct.  I made the first one, reading through the directions step by step and then was able to just cut out and sew the second (which is actually this one).  It’s intuitive, IMO.  I used the template set from Tops & Bobbins so these sewed up super easily and accurately.

There are quite a few different ways you can add a strap to this pattern, too, which I really like.  Or, you can omit it totally.

I’ve also discovered that if you don’t quite have enough of a length for the card pockets, you can fudge it a little and omit one sleeve and you’d never know.


The only thing I plan on changing in the future is the interfacing.  I do not like working with the super firm interfacings, so I’ll switch it out for something heavyweight, rather then SUPERweight.

For the three This is Halloween themed Pearls, I ended up using just iron-on fleece in the bag portion and this worked out perfectly.


I.  Am.  Smitten.  I love this pattern, it’s super fun and easy to make once you ‘get’ which part is which!  I’ve already made a half dozen and can really see it being a ‘go to’ wallet pattern!


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