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How-Tuesday: Ruff-let

For today’s How Tuesday I’m going to talk you through creating this Ruffled Wristlet/Slimline Wallet hybrid, the Ruff-Let.

This project is really pretty easy, but sussing out the measurements is the tricky part.

To start!  Chose your fabrics carefully as the ruffled accent doesn’t work well with  some prints, so maybe scrunch the fabric up a bit before you commit.

Cut out the parts for the inside of the Slimeline Wallet as directed.  For the hybrid outside, you’ll cut out a revised Wristlet.


From the ruffle accent (which I’m also using as the lining) cut:

  • 1 – 3.75 by 18 rectangle

From the main fabric (in my case I’m using Essex Linen) cut:

  • 1 – 1.5 by 8 rectangle
  • 1 – 4.5 by 8 inch rectangle.

From a stiff interfacing cut:

  • 1 -3.5 by 8 rectangle


Using the instructions for the Ruffled Wristlet, create the ruffle according to the directions for the front, fusing it onto the stiff interfacing.  Make sure you trim the ruffle panel to 3.5 x 8 inches once ruffled and fused.  Press FLAT.

Once you have that together, sew the the main fabric pieces (interfacing the panels as directed) to the ruffle; one on the top, one on the bottom.  Keep the direction of the print on your ruffle in mind, if it’s directional, the smallest strip is the top.


The seam should be exactly in the middle, at 4 inches.

Top stitch towards the main fabric panels.  Press.   Press.  Press.  You’ll have to press it well to get it to fold in half nicely.

Complete the flap as directed, however, once completed trim it down about 1/3 an inch on the raw edge.  I more or less just eyeball where I want it to lay on the front. As written, however, the flap will be too long and cover too much of the ruffle.

Insert the female ends of the magnetic snaps to the flap, as below.  I center mine about an inch from the bottom of the flap and 3/4 an inch in from the sides.

Then, line up the flap on the front panel, letting the top overlap by about 1/3 of an inch, allowing for the seam allowance and some ‘bulk’.  Mark your snap placements and insert through the piece, straight through the ruffle.

You’ll complete the inside of the Slimline Wallet exactly as directed and then assemble the wallet using your hybrid ruffled front as the outside.

And now you have a completed Ruff-Let!


All credit goes to Carla’s Creations for designing both the Ruffled Wristlet as well as the Slimline Wallet.  I’ve just mashed the two together.

You can find her online here:



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