I first discovered the Boon Wallet by XOXO Lauren on the Tops & Bobbins website.  It’s been on my ‘to buy’ list for a while, and yet?  I still haven’t got the templates.  The other day, though I did finally buy the pattern and once I looked at it knew I had to make one RIGHT AWAY.  It looked very uncomplicated, which I love.  I love making wallets, but hate folding all those card pockets.


I used a trio of fabrics originally ordered from Spoonflower for a custom order.  There was more than enough for this project.


This thing is so simple and so smartly designed.  I love this pattern because it’s not fussy and goes together quickly and the finishing is super easy and well done.

And?  It takes such a small piece of accent vinyl/leather/cork that one 8×11 peice is enough with a bit left over, which I love.  Overall it doesn’t take a lof of fabric and I was able to cut it out easily out of scrap.


I did change the way the zipper pocket inside is done.  The instructions tell you to just insert a set in zipper, like you would the pocket on the outside of a bag… which made no snese to me.  So I set it in like the instructions in the Wisteria Wallet.  I’m a pro at those pockets (I’ve made about two dozen of those), so it made this wallet zip along quicker.


I love this wallet!  I’m so pleased with how quickly and nicely it sewed up and really bothered I didn’t make one sooner!  I can see myself making a few to match projects because it doesn’t take too much material or time wise!


prints from Spoonflower

Boon Pattern from XOXO Lauren

zipper from Zip-It

Gray cork scrap from Sew Sweetness


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