Somewhere, Over the Rainbow

Yesterday it was the first real day of Fall.  No PSLs here, instead it starts to storm and we start the cycle of losing power and having the streets flood!

Yesterday I trekked to the Campania with the Little to get some more school supplies at the Carrefour, she keeps bringing home lists of more thing she needs… and while we were there the power in the Mall actually went out!  Hello, September.

I decided to spend some time actually organizing my fabric stash.  It’s not all that impressive, but it was certainly a mess.IMG_1072

That’s almost embarrassing.  First I swept and mopped the floor, then I pulled everything out of this thing and lay it out on the floor and then spent the next hour organizing by colour.  Solids and then prints.

Then I wiped the shelves off and put it all back.  I do have a couple separate sections for my Spoonflower fabrics, since most of them are project specific, and then for Liberty prints, knits, etc.

Hopefully it’ll be much more user friendly and help inspire me!

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