Hello, September


There is so much going on this month!  I have a ‘to do’ list about as long as my arm…

One of the things I am most excited about this month is receiving my new Purple Trail Planners.  I’ve ordered two, a daily planner for my business work and a mini mom planner for everyday.  I’ve been using a Plum, but it’s not quite as functional as I’d like, so I’m anxious to try these layouts.  I chose a mini so that I can drop it into my bag and take it with me.  There are so many appointments and notes to keep track of, I feel like it’s the best idea.  I’m really hoping this new combo can keep be in track and motivated!  I do plan on doing a complete review of them when they arrive, as I’ve already had some ‘issues’.

I’ve already started my Halloween sewing.  You can see my Purple Skull Harlow here.


I’ve got a couple more Halloween projects lined up already as well as a couple more Harlow’s cut out.  I’m experimenting with sizes, shrinking them to both 90 and 85% as well as adjusting a few other things.  The shape of the bag is just really great and one I personally prefer.

And with everything else going on, WoW released a new Leagion expansion patch opening up Argus, a new quest zone.  I’ve been playing WoW since Vanilla, or about 13 years.  It’s actually one of the big things my husband and I have in common, so we tend to ramble about quests and mobs ad drops when we’re out doing things, and not many people understand…


Also this month I’m working on setting up my business Facebook and other social media accounts.  I’m notoriously bad about checking in, for some reason it just slips my mind.  I am not a fan of Facebook in general, but I’m hoping to keep on top of it!

What are your plans for the month?

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