Princess Charlotte



I’m so excited to share with you my finished Charlotte bag from Swoon Patterns.  I used a template from Tops & Bobbins, which makes everything so much easier, especially when cutting things like vinyl and cork.


I used some fuchsia cork from Sew Sweetness and a custom print from Spoonflower, along with some gorgeous gold hardware.  For the lining I chose a coordinating Kona Cotton solid.  I actually have the big Kona swatch panel that I sit and match to my colours so that I can get the most accurate match possible.


From start to finish this bag took about two hours all together.  I paused to put it away a few times, because of the issues below.  I had to reorder supplies and recut some straps.

You do not need to use fleece or foam interfacing, just a double layer of SF101 on the outside and I happen to love that.  Working with foam is a PITA sometimes and it’s nice to go with something easy!

The actual construction on this bag is pretty simple, nothing complicated.  The accent panels are overlays, so I used some double sided tape to keep them in place while I top-stitched them down.  The pattern does call for piping, which I honestly do not like the look of, so I left it out.

I also left off the snap tab, deciding to instead just attach the snap in the actual bag.  I think it helps achieve the overall look of the bag better and seems more secure.

The most difficult part was sewing in the sides since the panels are set into a curve and you have to make sure the cork accents are lined up, but. Easy peasy once you get going!

I added a row of slip pockets to the inside for my phone, my vape pen, and my sunglasses.


The MAJOR issue I had with this bag was in fact, a major mistake.  The pattern calls for 3/4 of an inch hardware as well as cutting instructions to make the handles end up 3/4 of an inch.  HOWEVER, the connector pattern pieces in my pattern (dated 2016) are actually 1 inch.  In the end I had to order a whole new piece of cork and just ended up making the straps 1 inch finished and ordering 1 inch hardware, since I didn’t want to sit and trim all the triangle shaped connectors down to fit, knowing it would be impossible to get all EIGHT of them accurate.

I posted on Instagram asking for help and came to find out earlier versions of the pattern have the correct pattern piece, mine does not.


Overall I really like this bag.  The shape is awesome, it opens up really wide and the size is ample.  The straps are comfortable to throw over your shoulder.  I usually wear a crossbody bag, but I’ve had no issues adapting to this style!


Charlotte City Tote, from Swoon Patterns

Tropical Flamingo print sandityche, by from Spoonflower

Ice Frappe Kona Cotton

fuschia cork, from SewSweetness

gold hardware, from PurseSuppliesrUs

acrylic template, from Tops & Bobbins


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