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MCW – The Men’s Chained Wallet

One oh my husband’s good friends at work, Guiseppi, has been a constant well of support and advice.  We thought it would be nice to surprise him with something OOAK (which is a really big deal here in Southern Italy) and handmade.  We decided to make him a men’s wallet and after thinking about it wondered if I could create a men’s version of the NCW (Necessary Clutch Wallet) that I’ve made dozens of. Here is what I came up with!


The first thing I did was cut the flap straight off, instead of adding the curve detail.  I used bronze spring snaps through the whole flap and through the whole front piece for a closure.


Once it was sewn together, but before I attached the sides to the pocket with the grommets, I used Otter Wax to waterproof the twill.

I rubbed the bar of wax over the twill, back and forth.  You can tell it’s depositing/covering the fabric because it turns white-ish.  I then ram a hot hair dryer over the fabric and watched the wax melt into the twill and set.  The result is a waterproof fabric that is smooth and not one bit sticky or gummy.  The wax will wear in the more you use it, too.


Once together, it looked amazing!


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