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Harlow, Gorgeous

As soon as Little Moo Designs started posting teasers for her new pattern, I’d been patiently waiting for it to release!  Then, all her testers started posting their amazing bags, and the waiting got HARD.

Thankfully, she went ahead and surprised everyone and released the Harlow Bag two days early!

picture courtesy of Little Moo Designs

Your favourite fabric will stand out in the crowd with the Harlow Bag! Perfect for keeping your hands free while visiting the shops and markets or holding little hands, Harlow fits all you need and more.

I love the styling of this, especially the new and curious strap positions and tab options!  After walking through the Commissary on base and seeing that the Halloween candy was already out, I was inspired to make a Halloween theme bag!

I used some purple straw cork, which is a little weird to work with.  I’m used to cork being buttery soft and smooth.  This was, well… like straw!  It was rough and a little dry.  I paired it with some purple and black skull print fabric I collected last year and finished it with simple matte black hardware.  My handle is 1.25 inches wide, just because I felt like the 1 inch strap seemed thin for the size of the bag.



Of course, I left off the piping.  Not only do I just not like how piping looks in general, I don’t have a piping foot that works for my Juki.  Instead of using a solid panel for the front, I added a slip pocket, matching the print so it’s not so obvious.

I certainly learned a lot of new tricks making an entire bag out of cork.  The trickiest part was the contrast lined zipper pocket on the bag.  It requires a lot of patience since you can’t pin or baste through cork!

What do you think?  Will you be making a Harlow, or like me?  Making a dozen?!


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