This is my first Abstract Tote from Little Moo Desisgns

I am so in love with this bag.  Inspired by Josh Mario John, I used this red grunge plaid print in Lightweight Cotton Twill as the base and accented with the black ‘wood’ print and a custom beard print that I uploaded just for this project.



The wallet chain is from The Golden Lion on Etsy, she’s wonderful artisan to work with, and an American vet, so I’m very proud to be supporting her.  This is the second chain I’ve gotten, and it won’t be the last.  I just thought that it would be the perfect accent to this bag.  It’s not heavy at all, so doesn’t weight the strap or bag down.

I omitted the piping on this bag because I don’t have a piping foot with my new sewing machine.  That, and, I actually hate piping.  Instead I used a double row of top stitching and then attached grommets through the corners to reinforce that sort of industrial look.

This tote went together so amazingly.  It’s the perfect shape and size for me to wear comfortably and it’s got the perfect combination of accessible FUNCTIONAL pockets.  The front pocket is not just a design feature, but way big enough to slip my phone into.

I already have two more cut out.  Depending on your fabric choices and your pattern placement, it’s entirely possible to sew this bag a dozen times and have each one look unique.  While I went a little grunge here, my next one will be very punk and the one after that, very feminine!

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