Monday Musings

✂ I woke up this morning planning on updating the ‘Projects’ section of my blog and ended up on Pinterest scrolling through endless pictures of India and London instead.  Needless to say, I hope to manage to get it done this week sometime! 😫

✂ I finished up my 🐙 bag last week.  I used it over the weekend and got so many compliments.  The bag itself is a really great design.  Even when I didn’t have it zipped up, the way the bag is designed kept it more or less secure wearing it and it was comfortable and accessible.

✂  I keep wanting to make a slew of matching wallets with scraps to match all these bags.  Is it just me or are they just too fiddly?!  Maybe it’s me.  I have a pattern I hope to try out this week (the Cleo Everyday Wallet) so I’ll cross my fingers I actually get to it.

✂ I had a big soap order come in this morning, so sometime this week I’ll need to make some more shave and shampoo bars!  I haven’t soaped in about a month, my big sellers here are my facial oils.  It’ll be fun to get back to it, I’m going to try to blog it. 🌿🌿🌿


✂ Today I’m working with Captain Ahab up there.  He kinda reminds me of JMJ.  I’m still mastering my new machine and working things out.  Did you know?  There is no 1/2 seam guide on this thing?  I’m working on a Swoon pattern and sitting here like, why is this all wonky?!  Because that’s the 5/8 line. /greek

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