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For the first project to tackle on my new machine, I chose Ellen’s Esplanade bag from Chris W. Designs.  It’s an Easy Street pattern, which I assume means it’s not very complicated, but that’s what I wanted, considering!


It was my first time working with my Juki and I admit, there will be a learning curve.  I relied on a 1/4 inch piecing foot with my Singer for top stiching and this new machine only has ONE industrial foot!  I didn’t really have a guide so I had to wing my 1/8 inch stitching.

I cut it out and fused everything Thursday night and then sewed the entire thing Friday afternoon.  The cutting and fusing was pretty easy, the cutting chart was really easy to follow.  As were the instructions!  It didn’t take me long at all to put it together.

It was a fun bag to make!  I loved working with the rivets, I think they add a really nice touch, even if I screwed a couple up pounding them in! 😫


All in all, though, I love this bag.  I didn’t get too fancy with it. I used some Essex Linen as the base and A Weird Octopus print I ordered from Spoonflower.  I use this print a lot, I reallllly like it.  I lined it in sparkly neon green and then top stitched in a matching green.  The hardware is all from Bagmaker on Etsy.

I do think I’ll make this bag again.  There isn’t much I’d change, either.  I might reduce it in size, maybe, it’s a BIG bag when it’s done but I  actually tend to like those.

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