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For the last couple of months, there had been a continuing tension issue with my Singer.  It worked!  But before I sewed anything, if I’d changed the thread or the stitch length, anything, I had to sew a length to get it right.  And then the stitches started skipping on the bobbin side and no matter what trick I tried to fix the issue, it was still sporadically happening.

So, I upgraded!


I did some very scientific research.  In cruising my IG feed I realized some of my favorite sewists all used the same machine, a Juki.  I started researching Jukis and saw that this model, although ‘basic’ was exactly what I needed.

This is the Juki TL-2000 Qi.

It straight stitches and it does it well.

I was having so many issues working with cork and glitter vinyl, this machine just whips through it smooth like butter.

For some reason it kept cutting the threads on me, sometimes mid seam.  For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why, there was no ‘trim’ button.  Just, I’d stop and then start to sew again and ZIPCRUNCH, the threads would snip.  Come to find out that if you press BACK on the foot treadle, that’s an actual professional function.  I apparently just don’t place my foot correctly on the peddle and now that I know, the issue has been easily corrected.

The only issue I have so far is that it doesn’t zigzag.  I will probably use a different mechanical machine when I sew lingerie.

Oh and you know?  It doesn’t work with a double needle, but I can use one whole seperate machine for knits.

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