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Sew Sublime

I recently started working on the Sublime bag from Sew Sweetness.

I downloaded it and went through the instructions several times before I decided to give it a try.  I loved all the finished bags I was seeing on Instagram!  It didn’t look too tricky.  I placed an order for fabrics and a long roll of cork and… waited.

Yesterday I got everything cut and started fusing things.


Now I’m a little wary again.  It’s a lot of cork to be working with and more importantly?  That zipper.  I’ve read the instructions over and gone over the pictures, but I’m just a little confused about how that zipper goes in.  In all the instruction pictures it’s hang out long on both sides of the bag as it’s sewn up and never once do I see instructions to shorten it or trim it or…. anything.  I’m assuming it’s just assumed you will.

I’m also a little wary about these handles.  I cut them out as carefully as possible and they don’t really match.  I glued the two pieces together and they’re still a little weird, and I’m not  fan of rolled handles to begin with, but I think I HAVE to roll them to get them to look decent.  So.  Alas.  I’m setting it aside for a bit until I suss it out.

These zippers actually match, btw.

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