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Slip and Slide


I bought a couple slipper patterns over the last few weeks from SewingWithMe5, one of which are these Candice slippers.  They seemed like the easiest to tackle so I went with trying them out, first!

I used some of Spoonflower’s new lightweight cotton twill, which I love, and then lined them in some teal fleece.  The bottom is some specialty fabric made just for slippers that is a twill  with non-stick dots.  I ordered several pieces from various vendors on Etsy.

I added some fusible batting to the sole, to try to add a little padding.  It’s not very substantial, but nice enough and thin enough to work with.


This lightweight twill is perfect for slippers.  It’s thick enough to hold up to wear, easy to work with, and still soft.  I am going to order a piece along with some matching fleece just to make me and Mia matching slippers!


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