Thank you for being a friend.

When Spoonflower recently released their new Light Cotton Twill fabric I knew it would be a great choice for a tote bag, so I headed over to Sprout and designed one!


I ordered it, along with two matching FQ’s of Kona Cotton and put this set together.

Using the twill, there is enough left over from the Sprout pattern to make not just the outside of the wallet, but the modified zipper opening on the bag!  I sat and drafted it myself, hoping that I would get it measured correctly and I am very proud to say that I did.  The tote now has a secure top that still zips open wide.

I then made a little Dorothy zipper pull!

The wallet is the Slimline wallet from Carla’s Creations.  It’s almost exactly like the Fiona wallet from Clo-Bird.

One major thing I learned making this wallet was to be VERY careful with the interfacing you use.  Too many layers of anything thick makes it impossible to sew.  I may skip the interfacing on the inside elements all together if I make it again.

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