Jasmine – A Whole New World

I finished my first bra yesterday.  I had started a couple, but put them aside waiting for an order of elastics.  Several orders arrived Friday so I sat down and got to work!

The first off my list is this Jasmine bralette from Ohh Lulu.


The Jasmine bra is a simple yet rewarding sew.

The new & updated instructions will walk you through how to sew a lined or unlined bra with your choice of fold over or picot edge elastic. It also provides a thorough tutorial on how to sew a lined lace version with lace racer-back detailing.

This simple pattern is so versatile and has lots of room for you to express your own creativity! Experiment with lace overlays, specialty trims, and unique color combinations. This bra is my personal favourite because it is both extremely comfortable, but also beautiful!


This bra is worth purchasing for the booklet of instructions alone.  I ended up making a lined bralette from cotton spandex jersey from Spoonflower.  I ordered a few fat quarters back when they were having a sale and each FQ is exactly enough for one bra with enough scraps left over for bits of other things.  I lined them with a soft tricot using the stitch and flip method so the inside is perfectly finished!


It was only after I had it all sewn I realized I sewed the hooks on the wrong sides, but it’s still wearable.

I’m fairly certain I cut out a large which ended up being a liiiiiiiiiiiiitle to big.  I’m not sure why I keep over estimating how big I am measurement wise?!

Instead of using bra strap elastic, because I actually don’t have any in black, I used 5/8 FOE with matching black hardware.  I like the wider straps, they fit nicely.

It’s not perfect.  My stitching gets wonky and there were points it’s not quite on center with the elastic.  I like the fit!  There isn’t much support (I don’t have much TO support, though), and the coverage is nice!

I already have a few more in mind to make.

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