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When I started Glitter an Gratitude Apothecary in 2015 I spent a long time working on the ‘feel’.  I began with Ganesh as my inspiration and worked off the Hindu feel, using the names of important deities  for my products and using a mendhi inspired background.

A lot changed as I went along.  Labels got bigger, clearer.  Shapes and jars changed.  Two things remained, always.  The background and the font.

‘Glitter and Gratitude’ is now available in my Spoonflower shop!


I spent the afternoon tuned into the #March online and started sewing and created this little pouch.  I used a basic pattern and them embroidered a design from Urban Threads on the front in teal thread from Connecting Threads. I realllllly like the Connecting Threads thread to machine embroider with.  It’s so nice.  I found a matching zipper and voila.


Wait.  What’s that?  The lining?!  It’s my logo!  Yeah, you can pretty much print any fabric you want on Spoonflower.  I.  Am.  Hooked.  I’m working on setting up a shop of some of my own custom designs as well as some hand picked prints that I’ve worked with several artists to offer.  I have project ideas in mind with each Collection and hope to post examples within the next few weeks!


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