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Sloan Failure

sloan_paneled_leggings_new_project_sprout_patterns_-_2017-01-09_11-45-06One of the patterns I discovered on Sprout was the Sloan Leggings from Hey June.  I actually designed and ordered a pair (ok, two) and when you do, you immediately get a PDF of the actual pattern and the instructions.

I printed it out and put it together and was really excited to sew my own pair before I cut into my printed Sprout order!

I ordered two coordinating prints in Performance Knit from Spoonflower before I actually had swatches of the fabric.BIG MISTAKE.  I thought that going by the recommendations on the Spoonflower site these fabrics would make great pants.  But.  No.  This stuff is thin and wonky and just.  Not my favorite fabric ever. The prints are awesome, though.  I am stuck with four yards of it and no idea what to even do with it.


✂ The pattern sewed up easily enough!  The curves of the panels are really easy to set in and look great.  I tried to pin them and found that the fabric was just too hard to work with, so slowly serged them without, guiding them as I went.

✂ The waist is NOT long enough for me, though, I’m not entirely sure what is going on with them that they are so low, like, bikini low.  I did go back to look at the images of the pants on the instructions and noted they’re below the belly button, which isn’t something obvious on the Sprout site.  If I make them again, I’m planning on altering the waist, perhaps lengthening the rise and making the band all one piece.

✂ The legs didn’t quite fight correctly, but that might be the choice of my fabric.  There are definite curves for the knee and calf, for example, that were too exaggerated.  You can see in the poorly taken picture above there is a lot of bunching around my knees and upper thigh, but I guess I just have thin legs?  I think if they were one size smaller and made of a stretchier fabric they’d fit better.

✂ They are much too short for me.  I cut the regular length out instead of the long, which I will definitely do if I make them again!  Thankfully, the pairs I ordered from Sprout were printed in the longer length.

All in all, while they are not perfect, they’re wearable and most importantly!  I learned a lot making them!


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