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I’m going to reiterate.  It is exceptionally difficult to take pictures of your own arms.  I enlisted a 10 year old to help.  Hence the wacky angles.


I found this fingerless glove pattern on Etsy.  I bought it as well as a cowl pattern and happily printed them out before realizing that I was probably lightyears away from being to figure them out.


Make that a parsec away because once I sat down and cut them out, it turns out they took about half an hour to sew!  The only issue I had was one that had been previously mentioned in the reviews… the directions are tricky as heck to follow because the designer used a dark fabric for her pictures and often it’s hard to tell which side of which piece/glove she’s sewing where.  I had to rip one whole seam out because I used a Spoonflower print with an obvious right and wrong side, and the directions never mention a RS or a WS.  The instructions suggest you hem the bottoms by hand, but I just zigzagged them with my machine and they look great.

The fabric is called A Weird Octopus from SeasawBoomerang.  I had it printed on a cotton spandex/lycra with a nice four-way stretch.  I pretty much love this fabric to sew with, it doesn’t curl or go crazy on me.  I actually have this print on a Kona woven too, I like the design that much.

Now that I’ve made them, I can totally see how I could alter them to add different design elements, or remove the pleats.  Although, I love how the gloves looks ruched and gathered, especially with this fabric.  The pleats are drafted especially well so that actually look random rather than fussy.  The pleated detail doesn’t add too much bulk to be able to wear them under a cardigan (like I am as I type) or even under a jacket.

Size wise, they fit nicely, although they are a little loose.  They’re comfortable that way and not sloppy.  I do have sort of thin wrists and arms, though.My arms must be longer than the models, my gloves don’t seem to go as far up that far, but that’s hardly an issue!



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