The name makes me cringe!  I’m not sure why…

Scrundies, or Scrundlewear, are the creation of Stitch Upon a Time.  They are an all-in-one pattern for undies that are supposed to be super comfortable and easy to sew.

Sewing underwear has never been easier! With the guidance of this pattern, you can sew a drawer full of undies in just a day! The different shapes of the undies suit most body types and there are different styles for your comfort. After wearing a pair of Scrundlewear, you won’t want a store bought pair ever again. The wide band option is so comfortable, you can barely tell you’re wearing them. This pattern is also great for making swimming suit bottoms.

I thought, well hey, ok.  Let’s give this a go!  I recently found a serger at the local thrift store that was in super great shape, so I figured I was good to go!

I went back and forth with the sizes and ended up cutting out a large, which in hindsight I should have really guessed was too big.  The pieces looked HUGE when I cut them and the fabric you use is a knit, so it stretches, so.  That was a total common sense fail on my part.  I also didn’t have the right contrast fabric, I used a wonky poly ribbing that NOW I understand wasn’t right for the project.  User error aside?  I really do love this pattern!

The serger itself has a bit of a learning curve, but the pattern is well drafted and very easy to follow.  The actual Scrundies are comfortable, but the waist is floppy and the bum saggy 😝  Both are an easy fix for the next pair I attempt!

I cut the boyshorts, which are a nice fit for me, they tend to be more ‘cheeky’ or European fit than an American panty is.  Beginning to end it took me about half an hour which surprised me.  The zig zag topstitch actually took the longest!

Rest assured, Ill report back as soon as I make another pair!

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