bag making

Ruffled Wristlet

Scrolling through my IG feed (are you seeing a pattern here?) I noticed the Ruffled Wristlet pattern posted by @cpeicheff  aka Carla’s Creations.

The pattern is available on Craftsy, which is an awesome site to find, purchase, and easily download a lot of different patterns.

It was pretty cute and looked like a great way to experiment with some of the bigger scraps I have hanging around.

The pattern doesn’t come with any ‘pieces’, that is, it’s simply the directions for cutting and sewing, which I wasn’t sure about.  Turns out now that I have the pattern memorized, it’s great not to have to fuss with pattern pieces, I can cut sit and cut scraps with a ruler and rotary cutter.

I used gray metallic Essex Linen as the base and the ruffled accent is from the Holiday Traditions collection from Henry Glass.  It’s actually gray, too, but for some reason looks blue!

So far I’ve made 5 of them, I have a couple more cut out, just waiting.  I snagged these pictures from my IG.

Some of my ruffled pieces are a little shorter than the 20 inches the pattern calls for, but I find this doesn’t make too much of a difference.  They are rather easy to sew, no fancy seams, darts, or anything so it would be good for a beginner, the only tricky part is the gathering, but it’s simple to master.

I have posted a couple of questions to the designer under her IG pictures, but they were never answered.  She seems to only comment a select few people, which I suppose is understandable and I was able to work out the answers myself so it’s nothing too complicated.


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