My Sewing Story

I get asked a lot why I started sewing!  I hadn’t really posted much about it until recently, so I thought I’d write a little about it.

I actually started sewing when I was younger, but it was always by hand.  My mum was big into crafting and she always got me these little kits where you would get precut felt with embroidery floss and things like sequins to make little dolls or ornaments.  Sort of like this.

I took a ‘life skills’ class in school that was basically a ‘woman’s work’ class that taught sewing for a good portion and really got familiar with an actual machine.  It was nothing fancy, something called an industrial machine (?) with no bells or whistles, but it was fun!

Then a few years ago one of my aunties gave me a really nice Singer sewing machine.  It was hers, but she upgraded herself.  She’s a seamstress who makes her own rather lovely linens and table decorations.  I also have an uncle who is a tailor in a little shop in the city.  She tried to give me lessons, but I honest to God sewed through my finger once and she left me to figure it out on my own.

I’ve been sewing little things on and off.  Hemming pants, fixing seams.  Making little dresses.  But it wasn’t until I really started collecting handbags that I wanted to actually SEW.  I love the crazy styles from Desigual and just really started looking around at what was out there.  I discovered a big community of sewists who make their own crazy and beautiful handbags and then discovered a company that sold really simple to follow patterns for very reasonable prices.

I’m not sure where this is going to lead me, but I have a very basic map sketched out as to where I want to go!

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