Friday Favs!

Things I’ve been loving this week, in no particular order!

🌲 White Pine Rising’s Plant Butter
I use this several times a day, every day.  Every day.  It’s my go to eye cream, perfect for overnight.  It’s a great face cream, a wonderful body lotion, and worked wonders on my worn and battered London feet.  I like mind custom blended with geranium and patchouli.

Chaga Mushroom and Green Tea are both highly anti-oxidant, help regenerate damaged tissue, slow down aging, and have anti-inflammatory properties. Calendula has been perpetually used as a very effective treatment for numerous skin ailments ranging from wounds to rashes.

Swoon Patterns
I think you’ll hear about these a lot, but it’s the catalyst that’s gotten me interested in sewing.  She has a lot of free patterns on her main site, but also has an Etsy shop, which is how I found her.  The patterns are on the simple side and while I can’t always understand the directions (they’re sort of vague or aimed at people who know how to sew already), there is a thriving online community that’s open and helpful!

👄 3ina Cosmetics
3ina, pronounced Mina, is a Spanish cosmetics line that at first glance it similar to Kiko. I think it’s a couple steps up quality wise, and considering Kiko is amazing, Mina is extraordinary.  I got a couple polishes, a shadow, a gel base, and a lipstick and I’ve been wearing them almost nonstop.  I can’t wait for my next trip to go back for more.  In particular I’ve been loving the Chubby Lipstick, which I have in 102.

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