bag making

Open Wide!

We did some back-to-school shopping before our Ferragosto trip to London.  How we did it, I have no idea, but we managed to forget to get a pencil case.  While we were gone I got a big order or fabrics in and going through it Mia discovered a chunk of Stitch print Disney fabric and we decided that I’d make her a bag out of that.

I used this pattern from Noodlehead.

It was very well written and easy for me to follow and very easy to make.  I did have to redraft the actual size and shape of the bag from a pouch into a long squat case, but I do a lot of math and calculations with GGApothecary so I was surprised how easy it was for me to visualize the new dimensions.

I used a light interfacing on the lining and a stiffer one on the outside panels to give it some body.  I will have to make and add a zipper pull for little hands so it’s easier to open and close.

Overall, though, I love this project and plan to make more!




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